Best and Worst Discounts for Black Friday Blog 5

As Steve promise on the air yesterday…I have a list of the best and worst merchant deiscounts for Black Friday….the list is as follows:
1. JC Penney
2. Kohl’s
3. Stage
4. Groupon
5. Belk
6. Macy’s
7. Kmart
To be on the “best” list means these merchants are offering an average discount of at LEAST 50% off.
1. Costco and Sam’s Club
2. Amazon
3. Big Lots
4. Walgreens
5. Toys R Us
6. Gamestop
 These merchants offer a discount of under 30%…on the other hand since they already sell their stuff at big discounts all year, it kind of makes sense.
I hope this helps those that plan on hitting the shops on Black Friday 🙂