Blog #10- What’s new?

It’s been a while since I’ve been here…so I’ll just share a little info regarding what’s been going on in my life.
First of all…I recently traveled to Texas to attend my oldest son’s flight training graduation.  This was a special time because Alex has been training extensively in the T-6 and T-38 to prepare for his career as a United States Air Force Pilot.  He graduated and will now be transferred to Barksdale AFB where he will begin intensive training in the B-52.  I am proud of my son for many reasons but most recently because of this accomplishment.  Alex is an outstanding young man and a man of strong character and ethics.  He truly believes in God and Country first and for this I am grateful and filled with pride.  I know when Alex says something it is of value and is the truth…always!
I miss my son. Ever since Alex graduated from high school our time together is precious.  He went to college quite a distance away…Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend the United States Air Force Academy which is a great honor and not an easy school to get acceptance too.  But because he chose the academy he was now “property” of the USAF and our visits together were based upon the approval of the Air Force….we did get to attend Parents Weekend at the academy once a year and Alex was given “leave” to visit us three brief times a year…so basically since he graduated from high school he has been on his own and I have treasured what time we have together ever since….now he is an officer in the Air Force and his life is going to be busier than ever…but if anyone knows my son they also know he would not be happy any other way!  He has always been a go-getter since the day he entered this world and I suspect that will never change, it is who he is.
The family also attended my Nieces Presentation Ball in Dallas the same weekend as Alex’s graduation from flight training at Sheppard AFB, being these two events were taking place 2 hours apart driving distance on two consecutive days was a blessing. This made for a fun filled and proud family weekend!   Brooke is a senior in high school and will be attending UT in the Fall…the other UT that is…UT Austin 🙂 My family on both sides are from Texas so for me to be living in Tennessee makes me the odd man out…although I do have a brother living in Las Vegas…but I’ll save that for another day.
That is the latest news for me….I am getting ready to head back to the Lone Star State in a few weeks to attend the mother- daughter luncheon with my mom’s TDB sorority for mother’s day and then drive my youngest son home from a busy semester of college in Texas….you know what they say…”no rest for the weary” and that is SOOO true…while my boys are turning into men I am one busy mama aiding  the process and helping with that segue into adult life…so having said that…I think I will be having many “What’s New” blogs coming up When my guys finally do finish their transformation I honestly don’t know what I am going to do with myself!   Maybe I’ll sell my house and buy one of those fancy RV’s and spend my time traveling around the country trying to keep up with my men and the exciting lives they have carved out for themselves….boy wouldn’t that be neat?  Hmmmmm something to think about!