Blog #12- Downtown changes

It’s August and it has been a hot summer, in fact one of the hottest summers I can remember in Kingsport.  I’m not complaining I am simply stating an observation.  I like the warmth, I will take summer over the cold winter any day.  But I could use a little change, maybe a cooling onto the 80’s for a bit…after all we have had temperatures in the 90’s for what seems like most of the summer, I heard that we have had over 40 days in the 90’s…wow… that is hot for these parts!  Maybe I just need a change, maybe the consistency of heat is making me restless….I’m not sure but I don’t mind change, I know many people have a hard time with it but not I. I welcome change…of course positive change that is…let me make that clear, negative change…ummmm no!   One change I am not digging is the closing downtown of Style Boutique and Fermented Wine Bar.  I love those two places and will miss them. Friends of mine owns them and they are simply desiring a change in lifestyle, they want to be more flexible and when you own a couple of businesses it is hard to be flexible.  I live and work downtown so when something closes it bums me out, I like the activity and the commerce that downtown business brings, its a good energy and I thrive on it. I do hope with this change comes a couple of good businesses to take the places of the two merchants that I will dearly miss.  My fingers are crossed.  Change is good but as I said before as long as it is positive and not negative…so I am open to a positive replacement because right now the closings are a negative to me and that’s not my vibe! I wish The owners of Fermented and Style, the Gunn’s, all the best and I hope the future holds all sorts of possibilities for them that they can now enjoy more freely.  I will miss them but on a positive note…Style is having a clearance sale to clear out the inventory so you can bet your bottom dollar I will be frequenting them up until the last day to hopefully get some nice deals on items I have been desiring but could not justify financially….. Change can be good, awesome as a matter of fact and even more so if I can buy some neat things to keep my loft “fresh” with quality goods at a very good price….so even though I am sad…I will do my best to make a positive out of this new change…..sound good?