Blog 2

Good Morning…That is a little phrase that you hear me say quite a bit these days! I have been at WTFM for about 6 weeks now as the morning co-host along with Steve Mann. I am the second half of the Wake Up Crew with Steve and Lynda…me being….as you have undoubtedly ascertained, the “Lynda” of said duo.
I am the newbie here at the station and I feel grateful to have this opportunity.  The people here at the station have been more that patient and kind to me and the atmosphere is one of thoughtfulness yet professional.
I live downtown as you may have picked up on while listening to the program and it makes the early morning commute to the “office’ about as easy as one could even imagine…it’s awesome!
I am mom to the three most incredible, amazing boys in the whole wide world…yes, that’s right…that’s me I am the one, haha…now you know, lol…. Anyway…they are either out of college or in college so off to work I go to keep myself busy and not think about missing those boys/men/babies of mine.
This is the first of my many blogs to come and as time goes by I look forward to sharing more facts, features, experiences with you.  Have a fantastic day and thanks for checking me out….and of course…. my favorite radio station is 98.5 WTFM 🙂