Blog #8- Yay Peyton Manning…oh and all the Broncos!

Superbowl L ……or as it is referred to now…Superbowl 50! What a great game….I say that because the team I was rooting for won….not because it was necessarily a well played game for the offense.  It was a defensively dominated played game and that was fun to watch and all but I am mostly thrilled that Peyton gets to go into retirement on a great note. That is if he is indeed retiring ….he hasn’t officially announced that but the general consensus is thinking that is the case…I guess we will see soon enough.
The Superbowl is such a fun event, it has become so big it is almost like another holiday to me….New Years, Superbowl, Valentine’s Day…..and so on…it has something for everyone, football for the sports minded, funny and touching commercials for the non sports minded and great entertainment for the half time show….it’s a great time for anyone really!   I for one, enjoy all of the above, I love football, great funny commercials, and musical entertainment….win/win/win for me!
It’s a neat event to look forward to but it also gives a nice diversion for people like me that get the post holiday blues combined with the I’m tired of cold weather blues a little lift….it’s fun and can be enjoyed with friends in a casual atmosphere…again…win/win!
Yes, we are pretty proud of Peyton Manning in these parts and it gave me one more reason to get excited for the big game….Peyton gives Tennessee a good name and another reason for us to be proud….Awesome job Broncos, you dun good… about that warm weather………