Blog #9- Radiothon 2016

Another successful year in the books! Radiothon 2016 was my first one to participate in and what a neat experience for me. WTFM has been hosting the radiothon for the Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City for 4 years now and it only improves with age!
The radiothon is a fundraiser for the hospital and every year there is a different focus as to what the money raised will go towards and this year it will go to creating a special unit for the babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, (NAS ) in other words, babies born addicted to drugs.  It is a tragedy that we even have to consider spending money on such a place but sadly we do and we must if we want these unfortunate babies to stand any chance of having a decent life.
The radiothon lasted two full days.  Steve and I arrived at Niswonger Children’s Hospital around 5:45 AM and left around 7:15 PM both Monday and Tuesday…yes they were long days but the energy and kindness of all the folks at the hospital made it easy to be there and want to help.  I have a greater appreciation and understanding of this little jewel of a hospital that I didn’t really think about before.  We are quite blessed to have this opportunity in our region so that families don’t have to travel such long distances to visit and care for their children in a far away specialty hospital.
 Not only is it places like this but the people in these places that give me a swell of pride for this area I call home.   I hope the good people of this area continue to support this wonderful hospital that has saved so many children’s lives and given countess families hope for their sick children.  The Niswonger family is a blessing for our region….and these days…I make it a point to count all my blessings because the last thing I want to do is to take any goodness in my life for granted.  I may not have children that will utilize this hospital but again that is one more blessing I am thankful for and always will be…..