Blog #13- What a game!

WOW….I think the jaw dropping moment of the year will have to be the one that took place at the end of the UT vs GA game last week! I also think that will probably go down in history as one of the most amazing ones! Unbelievable! I was actually on an airplane with one of my sons coming home from a visit to my brothers in Las Vegas when the game was going on. The passenger sitting next to Rhys and I was a Georgia fan and she was trying desperately to stream the game on her laptop. I told her we were Tennessee fans and the friendly feud began! She could not stream the live action on her computer but we were able to access CBS and they had a line that would light up black or orange depending on who had the ball…we also were able to access tweets that were keeping us pretty well informed of the play by play action. I felt like I was there to some degree and having this friendly feud made the flight all the more enjoyable. When Georgia made their last touchdown and we only had about 10 seconds left on the clock I felt defeated and told my son…there is no way we could make a touchdown with that amount of time…but of course like everyone else I always have a smidgen of hope no matter what. And as probably everyone on Earth probably knows by now…we DID make a touchdown in 10 seconds……or less. As soon as we landed in Atlanta, Rhys and I went to a sports grill in the airport to see highlights of the game and were not disappointed! Of course the stations were showing the heart stopping last play that gave the Vols the incredible win! WOW! Now that is what makes football so darn exciting …plays like that! Now that my and hopefully most of the Tennessee fans heart has began beating at an appropriate and healthy beat…we have another game in a few days to get us going again, in fact the next two games are going to be nail biters…A&M and Alabama…both which are ranked high…of course Alabama is number one so yeah…if we can beat them….my oh my…that will be the most delicious icing on the cake! Go Big Orange! I’m excited but to tell you the truth…I really don’t think I can take to many more games like that….exhausting ….but hey if that’s what it takes then by golly I’ll wear myself out for the Vols!