Blog #15 Happy New year 2017

Is it 2017 already?  Wow, okay 2016 went by fast.  It was a good year…My sons continue to do well and are healthy and kind.  I am still working at WTFM and appreciate my co-workers very much.  How lucky am I to work with people that actually like one another and do what they can to help each other out…I do believe that is the best part of my job…the people.  I do not take for granted that the staff at Holston Valley Broadcasting is exceptionally kind and thoughtful and for that I am grateful for this opportunity!I feel blessed to have had this job and I find each other and to add such an enriching aspect to my life, thank you co-wo’s for being a positive force in my life and becoming friends in the process.  I am looking forward to growing even more in my job as every day I learn more about the radio biz….there is so much to learn and I feel like I have only scratched the surface, thank goodness for patient co-workers! Lol…whew, I mean it.    2017 will also mark milestones for my boys.. Alex will complete C-130J training in February and then start his career doing flight missions  for the Air Force, he is looking forward to flying the world and doing what he needs to for our country.  Max will graduate in May from UT and begin his career in business as a step towards beginning his MBA eventually.  Rhys is moving to Nevada and starting a business with his Aunt Kim.  I missed him greatly when he went to school in Texas and even though I will miss my little buddy in Nevada I am glad he is itching to get out on his own and begin this new adventure with his Aunt that he adores. I pray they achieve their goal in this new venture and that Rhys is glad he made this leap.  As for me….I will continue my journey with WTFM and my awesome co-host Steve Mann…I can’t believe I got so lucky with him…he makes work a blast, he is the funniest, wittiest person I have ever met and I love coming to hang out with him and call it work, Lol.   Of course I hope to meet the other goals I set for myself every year…but….well….hmmmm I usually kinda….stray away from….BUT…I still want to lose weight, get into shape, exercise more, eat less, read more, volunteer more, be a better mom, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, friend, person and put others first. I’ll let you know if any of those goals are met…I hope the thinking of others more is and all the other ones regarding others….but boy I sure would also like to get back into those skinny jeans!  Happy New Year and May God bless each and every one of you!  Have a great rest of the year….