Blog #16-Spring 2017

Spring is in bloom, not quite full bloom but it’s getting there….I’m just thrilled we are on our way to warm, colorful weather.   That is what I miss during winter….color!   Winter can be pretty dreary, but spring….well that’s another thing…yes, we may  have  a lot of rain but with that comes the COLOR!   The green grass, purple, pink, yellow, you name it flowers and the trees and all their glory, whether it be a cherry tree, dogwood or crepe myrtle….they offer so much for the starving eye.   IT also makes for a happy co-worker, I’m talking my partner in crime in the mornings, Steve…he is what I call the Heat Miser after the Christmas character from the movie, The Year Without a Santa Claus.  He is never grumpy mind you, he is a laid back, cool dude…basically awesome to work with…but he does not like winter at all!…so I call him the Heat Miser…anyway, he is just giddy these days with the warm temps and sunny skies….so that is a plus for me, lol.  I can’t complain thought as far as winters go we had a pretty darn mild one but…again…even though it was mild, it lacked COLOR!  So for me seeing the colors emerge is awesome.  Another thumbs up about Spring is that it marks two of my son’s birthdays.  Alex turns 25 this week and Rhys will turn 20 next month….Rhys was actually my Mother’s Day present in 1997 and I couldn’t have asked for a better one, he is the coolest kid I know.  Sweet, kind, smart and cute as a button, yeah I know…I’m biased but isn’t that any parents right?!   So you see, Spring is not just a good thing but a great thing…oh and did I mention my son Max is graduating from UT the same weekend as Rhys’s birthday and Mother’s day…so what a neat weekend celebration that will be indeed.  I hope you are enjoying spring and the upcoming summertime as much as I am…The sun shining is like therapy for me, it just makes me feel good, even if something is wrong, if the sun is shining, it just doesn’t seem as bad, ya know?