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Snow causes a working parent worry!
Posted by Taylor Morgan on 1/23/2014 8:10:00 AM.

School Changes Ė Delays and or closings Ė letting out early ooh NO!!

As the Snow was falling in Johnson City yesterday around 12 pm., Steve Mann and I were doing a live remote at Walgreens in Johnson City Ė The moment the snow started I went out of Taylor Morgan Radio personality mode into Mommy Panic Mode. I sat there calling; texting and waiting to hear what Sullivan County schools were going to do so I could make sure my kids were arranged properly before I went into a meeting at the hospital at 1 pm. For our Niswonger Childrenís Hospital Radiothon Meeting.

Steve Mann sat there watching me work like a crazy lady arranging where my kids would go as Sullivan Co. finally made the decision to close school early. My husband was on Roan Mountain sending me beautiful snow pictures and saying, go get the kids or send someone asap because he was receiving texts messages alerting him of the school dismissing early, my father in law was calling me, all the while I was on the phone with my 84 year old granddaddy asking if they could watch my kids until I could get home which would be after 3 p.m. Ė It got me thinking about winter and all it means to a working parent with children in school. It causes major planning, worry, anxiety, work problems etcÖ.are other parents experiencing these same issues, do employers understand, do other people have the help I have and if they donít is their job in jeopardy and is that fair if it is?  Because after all family is priority one and work is priority numbers two even though without priority number 2 itís hard to feed priority number 1!

After 20 minutes of calling , texting  and calling again , My father in law was in charge of picking up my kids  up early and then driving them to Blountville to stay with my mom until I could get done with my job.

Steve said to me he often forgets the work it takes to care for a child and work at the same time. I walked into my meeting wondering if the other people sitting there (MOSTLY MEN) had the same struggle of juggling their kids and the weather as I had experienced before walking into our meeting. My bosses never asked me if I needed to make arrangements with my schedule due to knowing schools were letting out early , or if someone was available to go get my kids , itís something I am sure most bosses donít consider when there is snow in the forecast or snow happening and schools dismissing early!

Itís me and my husbandís problem and we have to really communicate to make it all work and make sure we both are doing our jobs as well as being attentive parents and making sure our little family is taken care of while we are working!

I wish I could urge a Boss to look outside the workplace and realize that there are people working for them that arenít always as blessed as I am to have parents and grandparents who are able to help me in times of urgent emergencies due to the weather or having a sick child to care for. We all have to work and  just knowing you can walk out of work to go get your child early and having your employers support can take away a world of worries for a worker who is also trying to be a parent!

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