Elvis & the Hound Dog Puppies


I can’t remember if it was the first or second time Elvis Presley came to Freedom Hall in the mid 70’s. They were some of the last concerts he did. Both times he came to Johnson City, they sold out of tickets quickly and scheduled a second show the next night. At WKIN, Bill Meade and I came up with the idea of acquiring some “stray-mutt” dogs from the local animal shelter. Everyone was giving away Elvis tickets, but to win from us, you had to agree to take and adopt one of the “Hound Dog” puppies. We had the dogs corralled in the area of the station where the preachers came to do their live broadcasts on Sunday mornings. It was also just off our main broadcast studio. Needless to say, we had a lot of barking and howling on the air and the preachers noticed some strange smells in the air that Sunday…It was a blast! The Humane Society was thrilled. People got to see Elvis and got a free dog to boot!

WKIN “Big 30” circa 1975! L-R: Reggie Jordan, Bill Meade, Ric Darby, Bob Gordon, Ken James & Mike Lee