Feel Good Friday

Whether you’re working at home or back at your desk in your office, tune in for Feel-Good-Fridays on 98.5 WTFM! With everything happening in the world it’s important to feel good, so were helping you do just that!  We’re helping you forget about the stress of your day. Our music picks you up and makes your day awesome, makes you feel good, its Feel-Good-Friday on 98.5 WTFM! Music can help improve your mood! The days at work are crazier than ever, so listen to a playlist of music that makes you feel-good! Hey Fridays are fun…we dress casually…our work mentality is different. We want to get ‘er done and get it on…. the weekend is almost here! We’re making the day even better with great music…music just sounds better on Friday!  Listen for Feel-Good-Friday on 98.5 WTFM!