WTFM Valentine’s Day Contest

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve received a lot of great “How I Met Your Monther” stories! Congrats to our lucky couple who pick up a Valentine’s Day prize pack of a $200 gift card to Diamond Exchange of Kingsport and dinner for two at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Kingsport. They’ll also pick up his & hers one month unlimited car washes from Ultimate Shine Car Wash, a $250 gift card from Johnson City Custom Framing,  a gift set from Abingdon Olive Oil, a night out at the movies at the Pinnacle 12 Marquee Cinemas and a dozen cupcakes from Blackbird Bakery! Plus a special treat – a 3 hour cleaning from Appalachian Maid Service,

Congratulations to Jilda Gilliam of Kingsport, our grand prize winner in the Valentine’s Day Contest!

Tell us how you met: Our story began 46 years ago at church. I was attending a youth night and in a contest to see who could bring in the most new people. That night a new guy came.. my cousin had met him and invited him to come. I did notice him , just didn’t talk to him at first. The meeting was over and we got on the church bus to go home. Well my cousin thought he would be funny by daring this boy to sit beside of me. He took the dare! I wasn’t happy about it but we talked a little only to realize we lived kinda close to each other he knew my brothers. The ride home seemed very long that night and when we reached my place he reached over and kissed me good night (oh my goodness it was magical!) He asked if he could he see me again I said sure. I no sooner got in and was talking about him when my cousin said he was at the door. From that night on I knew he was going to be mine. The next night at church he gave me a ring! Now remember it had only been 1 day and now a ring! My mom had a  fit when she found out and called my brother who was away at college to come in and talk some sense to me… she made me give the ring back! I was only 15 at the time but we still talked and saw each other. We would write letters everyday. I still have those they are not a one page letter but some are 5 to 10 pages long. This only made me fall in love with him more. My parents finally said I could marry him I was sixteen he was eighteen. Now 46 years later were still together and still very much in love and he is my best friend! Oh I forgot to tell the funny side to this love story…his name is Jackie  so we became known to everyone as Jack and Jill!