Mike “Sandman” Sanders


Originally from the Sunshine State, I’m Mike “Sandman” Sanders , who for the past eight years, has been calling Tennessee home. My radio travels have taken me through awesome Tennessee towns like Cookeville, Clarksville, and most recently Nashville, and I now have the pleasure of serving the 98.5 WTFM community in the Tri-Cities area. My heart beats to the rhythm of music, a passion that can be seen in my ever-growing array of vinyl records, and an insatiable appetite for live music shows. But music isn’t my only love; I’m a culinary adventurer at heart, always on the hunt for the best food trucks and farmers markets, and don’t even get me started on ice cream. Being woven into the fabric of Tennessee’s vibrant culture and breath-taking landscape has greatly enriched my life and it’s a joy to share these experiences with you- the listeners during my afternoon show 3-7 pm on the legendary 98.5 WTFM